Sunday 15th March

9.00am Start, Pier Head


Half Marathon

2020 Liverpool SKYLINE Half Marathon / 10 Mile Road Race


Entries are now open!

The 2019 Liverpool Half Marathon went really well despite the extremely difficult weather conditions and here are just a couple of the very kind comments received post race...


Good afternoon,

As I am back home from the Liverpool trip including your BTR Half Marathon and the game at Anfield, I have to thank you for the perfect organized run, brilliant service and all the time and caring for us runners.Yes the wind made those last 4 miles very difficult and slowed me down quite a lot. 1h50’ for the 13 miles, a quick change of clothes, grabbed a cap, dropped our bags near the ground and sat down on our seat 1 minute before the kick-off…

 Best city in the word, kindest people you ‘ll ever find.

 Best regards,



Hi Yvonne & gang,

Just a quick email to say what a great event run by you guys again this year. This was our second year to take part in the half marathon and despite the weather it was amazing. Last year was our first year and we thought it was fantastic couldn’t wait to book again for this year and you didn’t disappoint. Rectifying the course was great too see too & for us it didn’t put us off last year (these things happen) & let me tell you the horrendous wind along the pier won’t put us off next year either! Up to last year we done the Vitality London half marathon starting at Wembley and crossing into Wembley but can I just say from our point of view as over sea’s participants that half marathon has not a patch on the Liverpool even with running back into Wembley. The outer course of London is boring and not appealing at all however Liverpool is just stunning, the parks the pier it’s just stunning. Actually makes running so much more enjoyable and worthwhile. I can honestly say that from running here in Ireland and the UK. You all do such a great job and again despite the weather everyone on the course, Marshall’s, pacers, organisers etc all were so welcoming and smiling and helpful to all of us runners.
Great job and already looking forward to next year.
I hope you all got a good rest and a warm beverage on Sunday!!!

Thanks again.



Great new route. Enjoyed the change to the first mile where there is a gradual climb up to the Upper Parliament Street incline. I think it helped mentally as you could anticipate it better rather than hitting it with a left turn as before. The stretch through Princes Park was good. I think the course has become faster. The Weather was tough especially along ottesrpool prom. Admired my fellow runners for digging deep. I was proud to be part of this great event. Well done to Alan for another superb race.


The city's oldest established road race to celebrate the major landmarks on Sunday 10th March.

With such an iconic start and finish on a UNESCO World Heritage site at the Pier Head, the 2019 Liverpool Half Marathon and 10 mile road race will be hosted with a fascinating mix of city centre, waterfront and parkland as a stunning backdrop.

The scenery is first class as many of the 6,000 or so participants will already testify as runners take on a relatively flat course that follows a path up to Princes Park and Sefton Park before hitting the waterfront promenade for the return back to the city centre.

The Pier Head comprises the Three Graces and sit alongside the Museum of Liverpool. The Albert Dock and the Tate Liverpool are also just yards away from the start and finish area.

The Liverpool ONE retail centre is also within walking distance as are many of the world famous places such as the Cavern and the biggest collection of Neo-classical architecture anywhere in Europe - the Walker Art Gallery and World Museum on St. Johns Lane and St. Georges Hall on Lime Street.

Don't forget Hope Street with out two cathedrals and of course the Philharmonic Hall and Philharmonic Pub which proudly boasts the most ornate gents toilet you will ever see!

So once you have taken the 13.1 mile half marathon (or 10 mile road race) in your stride there is still plenty to do in this fantastic city of ours.


In the last year or so (and certainly since the BBC Blue Planet programme about plastic in the world's oceans) there has been a very strong reaction against the use of 'single use' plastic in our daily lives.

The following statistics are taken from a current ocean saver press ad running in the Metro publication -

1,000,000 plastic bottles are bought EVERY MINUTE

480 billion plastic bottles were sold in 2017

Individually we use on average around 150 bottles per year

There are estimated to be 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans

Some plastics can last for 100 years

Just staggering statistics... and if we think the problem is caused by someone else then that's were the problem starts. We all have a responsibility to be more considered with how we use plastic in our daily lives and more importantly think about what we can do about it, individually and collectively

So that's the size and scale of the problem so what can we as runner's do to help reduce waste?

Firstly at BTR events we ceased using plastic bags in 2018 as carriers for Goody Bag content. That was our first step and annually that means we are using around 20,000 less single use bags than in previous years.

Probably the biggest creator of waste in most running events is the use of water at drinks stations. If you look at how most runners approach water stations then the vast majority of water contained in a 330ml bottle is discarded after one mouthful. So approximately 250ml of water is thrown away and the bottles have very limited use.

BTR will probably use around 200,000 bottles of water in a calendar year so we could safely say that 50% of that is just waste as it will be used on race routes via water stations and discarded.

The percentage of waste at the finish line is significantly less but to think that around 100,000 bottles of water have limited use is staggering.

So what can 'we' do about it?

Well in the first instance BTR will trial split use distribution of water at the 2019 Mersey Tunnel 10K and offer runners at the two water stations on the course and option of a half filled 330ml bottle with the other half being placed in paper cup.

The third option will be a full 330ml bottle.

The introduction of a half filled bottle will in theory mean there is less actual waste of water and it should also reduce the overall number of bottles used on the day.

Anyone wanting a full 330ml bottle will have the option to do so but will be encourage to carry and consume the full contents rather than drink and drop (which leads to waste water).

It's a small step but a step in the right direction and over a year of events could lead to a noticeable reduction in consumption and associated waste.

Seaweed based pouches.

There is a potential new alternative to plastic bottles on the horizon which is a seaweed based and edible water pouch. It's early days for this kind of change but BTR has made an enquiry about potentially sampling this revolutionary new product.

Have a look at the following link, you never know, it might just catch on -

If we all make a small change we can all make a big difference!

As ever, BTR is happy to lead the way.

Alan Rothwell

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20th January 2020





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