10 Miler

Sunday 12th September

9.00am Start, Pier Head

Road closures on race morning


As this event is being run alongside the Half Marathon the road closures will be dependent on the route of the Half Marathon.


Please note the event will operate a road opening plan whereby sections of road will be opened as soon as possible AFTER runners have passed through each location along the course up to Jericho Lane / Aigburth Road at 8.5 miles.


ROAD CLOSURES will affect the following locations…

Start / finish area is on Canada Boulevard and runners will move off from this location at 9.00am to pass along Mann Island turning right on to Strand Street as far as Liver Street where they will turn left and then right on to Park Lane.


MILE 1 is on St. James Street at Norfolk Street. Runners continue along St. James Street as far as the main junction at Upper Parliament Street where runners head toward Princes Road on the wrong side of the road (running against the direction of the traffic). Princes Avenue is unaffected.


MILE 2 is at the junction of Princes Road / North Hill Street. Runners turn on to Devonshire Road at the end of Princes Road to move on to the correct side of the road before South Street. Vehicle access for residents along Devonshire Road will be via Devonshire Road West at the junction with Belvidere Road.Runners continue along Devonshire Road and Belvidere Road to turn left on to Ullet Road using the Princes Park side of the road only.


MILE 3 is on Ullet Road at the junction with Alexandra Drive.Continuing on as far as the junction of Ullet Road at Windermere Terrace and Aigburth Drive runners turn right on to Aigburth Drive.The event will not be using Princes Park so access and egress for residents at Windermere Terrace will be unaffected. Access to Windermere Terrace will be from Ullet Road / Smithdown Road direction or via Sefton Park Road. It will not be possible to access Windermere Terrace from Ullet Road / Aigburth Road direction whilst the race is in progress. At the roundabout at the top of Aigburth Drive runners will turn left on to Croxteth Drive heading toward the junction at Mossley Hill Drive where runners will stay on Croxteth Road running past the Cricket Club and Allotments on the park side of the road.Access to the residential flats and St. Hildas School will be via Croxteth Drive roundabout until runners are Belvidere Road (approximately 9.15am) after which time it will not be possible to exit Sydenham House until the runners have passed this location at approximately 9.45am. As soon as runners have cleared this location it will possible to exit and return via Croxteth Drive toward Greenbank Drive only.


MILE 4 is on is opposite 15 Aigburth Drive.


MILE 5 is inside Otterspool Park on the way to Otterspool Promenade.


MILE 6 is on Otterspool Promenade.


MILE 7 is is on Otterspool Promenade right by the Britannia Pub.


MILE 8 is just inside Brunswick Business Park.

MILE 9 is located at Coburg Wharf just before Kings Parade.The last mile will see runners move off Kings Parade and pass along The Colonnades and across the bridge at Canning Half Tide Dock before passing on the river side of the Museum to finish back on Canada Boulevard.Anticipated winning time 1 hour 5 minutes to arrive at 10.05am. Back markers to complete the course in less than 3 hours finishing no later than midday.

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It goes without saying that the last twelve months have been difficult for all of us...

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