Sunday 13th December

10.00am Start

The Grinch 5K

The Course

Numbers limited to 250.

Start / finish location:

The Marine Lake / beach area, West Kirby

Introducing the Medal Muddle 5K

BTR Road Runners are taking the lead in event up-cycling by creating a series of 5K runs under the banner Medal Muddle 5K.

So what is the Medal Muddle 5K?

The concept is a mobile 5K that will move around the Borough of Wirral to encourage people to take part in a 5K run, probably for the first time. The new concept will hopefully attract inexperienced runners or people on a Couch To 5K plan by inviting them to run in an organised event environment.

It's not a full on race and there won't be official timing as in a normal race event, it's more of a soft introduction to an organised event.

Community and charity support

The Medal Muddle 5K runs will be supporting different local charities each time and as a result of a great turn out in Medal Muddle 1 on August bank Holiday Mondy, the BTR Road Runners were able to donate £800 to R.N.L.I.

We have also raised funds for the Pawprints Wildlife Rescue / Shy Lowen Horse Sanctuary / Charles Thompson Mission.

Medal Muddle, Sunday 9th February - the proposed charities are: The Big Help Project/ Charlotte's Brightside.

Your entry fee is helping make a difference at local charities so come along and support BTR Road Runners and local charities at the same time.

If you would like to come along and join the Hoylake run group then BTR Road Runners host regular runs each Tuesday / Thursday from the Whitt's End bar on Market Street, Hoylake. Anyone is welcome to join in and the training sessions start at 6.30pm.

The Medal Muddle reward

Everyone taking part in the run will receive a medal and a t-shirt with the unique Medal Muddle branding on - and why is called Medal Muddle?

Well the event will be using any medals left over from previous BTR events with a re-branded medal so there will be a surprise element to the look and feel of the medal you receive.

The same goes for the t-shirt. The event will re-brand existing t shirts so they too will have an element of surprise.

Why up-cycle?

BTR always has medals and t shirts left over at the end of the year and they more or less go to waste, particularly the medals which simply go for scrap.

By introducing the Medal Muddle concept, the t shirts and medals can be put to good use rather than go to waste - and by encouraging runners to join in (especially those new to the sport) there are the added benefits of community support and engagement and fund raising for local charities.

What does it cost?

The entry fee for the Medal Muddle is £10 with all profits being donated to charity.

Is there a limit on entries?


The Medal Muddle events will be a limit of 250 participants. There isn't a lower age limit and everyone is welcome to take part. The event will be delivered in association with the BTR Road Runner group.

If anyone would like to join the group before the first event in August then simply come along on any Tuesday or Thursday evening.

How can I enter?


Click the ENTER HERE at the top of the page.


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Looking ahead to 2021 when hopefully we can get back to some kind of normality and host good old fashioned race events, I've been giving some thought to the humble race t shirt...

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