It goes without saying that the last twelve months have been difficult for all of us - unless you are a shareholder in a vaccine company of course! By the same token I'm sure that most of us have had time over the last year to re-evaluate what we do in our everyday lives in ways we would have never considered without the intrusion of the global pandemic.


One thing that does remain a constant in my life is this running thing.

I would admit that in recent months I've thought about other things that I would like to do or might like to try... but when push comes to shove then hosting race events is what I really need to do, love to do, want to do! I love bringing you all together and setting you off to run mile after mile in all kinds of weather... all for just a medal, a t shirt and a massive sense of self satisfaction.


It's brilliant and I can't see my love for the sport diminishing any time soon. Just don't tell Yvonne...


I've mentioned previously that my fascination with running is deep rooted and integral to everything I've done since my teens and on this particular day when I've had my Covid vaccination aged 65 I see no reason to change at all.


The only fly in the ointment is the fact that we can't identify a start date for when races can start again in a way that we all love and understand. However, that day is getting closer all the time... and having received my first vaccination today I can now literally see that light at the end of the Tunnel (10K) that we all keep talking about.


So, my message to you all is to keep the faith, try to retain your patience with the ongoing health situation and pretty soon we will be back out there.

To everyone who has taken part in one of the BTR virtual events recently can I thank each and every one of you as you have helped secure the future of BTR with your support.

I know many of you will be aware that we have had to close our office as part of our expenditure reduction plan and I will miss have a designated place of work. Nevertheless, our focus has to firstly be on the events themselves and in the meantime Yvonne, Tom and I can continue to work from home in readiness for the return of our event portfolio.

I for one am counting the days and I'm hopeful that we may be able to host the Port Sunlight event in mid June and / or the Tour Of Merseyside in early July. If we can't host them then it's not for the want of trying and we move on to the next potential event.

So for now I can only endorse the sentiment that we all share and when the time is right...


Alan Rothwell

Race Director, BTR

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It goes without saying that the last twelve months have been difficult for all of us...

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