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Sunday 5th December

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Please see the following most frequently asked questions about the Liverpool Santa Dash -

Why is the Santa Dash being hosted virtually this year?

Due to the social distancing requirements which are still in place due to the Corona virus it is not possible to host an event of the size of the Liverpool Santa Dash. With so many people in one location at the same time BTR would not be able to guarantee the health and safety of everyone taking part.

What is a virtual Santa Dash?

The term 'virtual' has grown in prominence over the last six months due to the cancellation of more or less every single race event and fun run. The term virtual means that you still enter the event but you undertake the required distance at a time and location that is convenient to you.

Do I still get the Santa suit?

Yes, everyone taking part in the virtual Santa Dash still gets a Santa suit and also the event medal at the point of collection.

Can the suits be posted out?

Yes, this year with the event being virtual it means that anyone in the UK can take part - you don't need to be in Liverpool on event day. There is an option at the point of entry to pay for postage to have your suit, medal and number sent out.

Every entrant will receive a Santa suit, medal and run number.

What sizes are the suits?

The Santa suits come in three sizes, adult, 9 -14 years (suitable for smaller participants) and age 5 - 8 years for children.

Will there still be blue suits this year?

Yes blue suits, numbers and blue medals will once again be available this year.

What does the entry fee cover?

The entry fee includes a 20% VAT charge and covers all event purchases (and postage). All profits from the 2020 event will be donated to the eight event charities.

Can I run for a charity not listed as a BTR charity?

Certainly! Fund raising is discretionary and the eight BTR charities are being supported through the profit donation first and foremost. There is an option at the point of entry to contact any of the charities if you wish to do so. Alternatively you can raise money for a charity of your choice.

Is there a 1K Mini Dash this year?

Yes there will be a Mini Dash but only Santa suits aged 5 - 8 years will be available for the 1K.

Where can I collect my Santa suit?

Santa suits can be collected from the event pop up shop in Williamson Square, Liverpool city centre. It is next to Matalan. The date for collection will provisionally commence from Wednesday 2nd December. This date has moved from 16th November due to the national lock down arrangements which are in place throughout November.

The shop will be open seven days a week between 2nd and 19th December.

There will not be a designated Wirral collection point but if you wish to collect from Wirral please email to arrange a collection from West Kirby.

Named numbers?

Yes anyone entering the virtual Santa Dash by midday on Monday 2nd November will receive a personalised run number. Anyone entering after this date will receive a standard run number as they are all produced at the same time.

Where can I do my 5K run?

Entrants can do their 5K Santa Dash at a location and time of their choosing. Although the actual event date is Sunday 20th December you can do your 5K whenever you wish.

Most people will do their run close to home or in a local park, perhaps using a known Parkrun course as it is the same distance.

Alternatively why no get a community group together and plan a 5K route where you can be seen and bring a smile to those you run past? Get creative with your running!

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It goes without saying that the last twelve months have been difficult for all of us...

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