Sunday 6th December

9.30am Start, Pier Head


Santa Dash

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Please see the following most frequently asked questions about the Liverpool Santa Dash -

Can anyone enter the Liverpool Santa Dash?
In short yes.The Liverpool Santa Dash is a 5K FUN RUN and the suggested minimum age for entry is 15 years on event day. If you are under 15 years of age on 1st December then you can still be entered with parental consent. The paper entry form simply asks for a signature. The online entry facility accepts that you automatically give your permission for entries under 15.
What is the Mini Dash?
The Mini Dash is a short 1 Kilometre fun run for children aged 12 and under. The Mini Dash starts in Castle Street at approximately 11.00am when the 5K runners are back. Entries are limited to 750.

Parents or Guardians can accompany their children around the course but don’t have to enter the run.  A Santa suit is provided for entrants to the Mini Dash and is available in two sizes.
How do I get my Santa suit?
The Santa suit is provided as part of the entry fee for both 5K and Mini Dash runs. The suits will be available for collection from 1st November from either the event office at 82 Market Street in Hoylake or 9 Williamson Square, Liverpool. The adult suit is one size only.  

Can I raise money for charity?
Yes you can. Fund raising is at the discretion of the entrant. The event supports Claire House. If you wish to raise money for any other charity please contact them directly.
Do I get a medal?
Yes. Upon completion you will receive a medal at the finish line. When collecting your Santa suit you will be given a wristband to wear during the run. When you finish please hand in the wristband at the finish line as you pass through the finish funnels. If you don't have a wristband then you will not be given a medal.

Mini Dash participants will also receive a medal at the finish line. Mini Dash entrants DO NOT NEED A WRISTBAND.

Can I enter in person?
Yes you can. Entries can be taken at the event office at any time (Monday - Saturday) BTR, 82 Market Street, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 3BD or Williamson Square from 1st November.

What is the entry fee?
Please see entry page for event costs.

The entry fee is the same for all 5K participants regardless of age.

Are there any discounts for groups?
Afraid not. The entry fee is discounted by £3 from December to the end of July.

What is the best way for groups to enter?
If entering a group it is suggested that a single entry form is sent in with all main contact details listed on the form with all additional entrants listed on the back with ages.

All group information will be sent to the main contact and anyone can collect the suits as long as collection cards are provided.

This way there is no online charge (saving £1.80 per person) and payment can be made by cheque or cash.

Can I pay by card?
You can pay by card, cash or cheque at St Johns Shopping Centre from 1st November.

You can pay by card, cash or cheque at the BTR office up to October 31st. After 31st October only cash or cheque at the event office as the card facility will be at St Johns Shopping Centre.

Can I enter someone else?
Yes you can. If you are unable to enter yourself then anyone else can enter you.

Do I have to collect my Santa Suit personally?
If you are unable to collect your Santa suit then you can designate someone to collect on your behalf but they will need your Santa suit collection card. Mobile phone evidence of entry is not acceptable, the collection card is required.

Can I collect my Santa suit on event day?
Afraid not. Suit collection on event day is not permitted and only collections with special circumstances will be considered such as overseas participants or people traveling from considerable distances on the day.

Such collections will need be confirmed in advance of event day.

What do I do with the Santa suit at the end of the run?
The Santa suit is yours to keep at the end of the run.


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