Santa Dash

Sunday 5th December

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Road Closure Information


The 5K event will start at 9.30am at Canada Boulevard in front of the Liver Building, crossing Strand and then along the following roads to finish in front of the Town Hall.

James Street, Lord Street, North John Street, Victoria Street, Sir Thomas Street, Dale Street, Churchill Way North, Commutation Row, London Road, Camden Street, Islington, Churchill Way South, Great Crosshall Street, Vauxhall Road, Leeds Street, Old Hall Street, Tithebarn Street, Moorfields, Dale Street to FINISH AT TOWN HALL.


There will be a Traffic Management Plan in force which will involve road closures and lane restrictions, on the morning of the run from 6.00am, however sections of highway will be reopened as and when safe to do so.


The traffic restrictions in the city have been kept to a minimum and they will be lifted on a rolling basis as the run progresses along the streets indicated.


Westmorland Drive, Cockspur Street, Princes Gardens, Prussia Street, Highfield Street, Pall Mall.
It should be possible to exit these locations until 9.00am when a Safety Review of the course will be undertaken ahead of the 9.30am start. After 9.00am it will not be possible to exit these locations until approximately 9.45am when the fun run will have passed through the 1 Kilometre point at Dale Street /
Churchill Way Flyover (North). Once runners have passed this point and are on the flyover it will be possible for residents at the above mentioned locations to exit via Cheapside and Sir Thomas Street. The runners should have cleared Vauxhall Road / Leeds Street by 10.30am after which the roads will be opened
and normal vehicle access reinstated.


Old Leeds Street, East Street, Bixteth Street, Rigby Street, Virginia Street, Prussia Street, Edmund Street, Ormond Street, George Street, Union Street, Rumford Place, Old Hall Street.
As Old Hall Street forms part of the route there will be restricted traffic movement to and from the locations listed above. It will be possible to exit the immediate area via Bixteth Street/

Tithebarn Street. Care should be taken on Tithebarn Street as there will be runners on the other carriageway. Once runners have passed Dale Street exit will be via Tithebarn Street, Cheapside and Sir Thomas Street.

Traffic movement will be restricted until approximately 10.30am when the runners will have passed through these locations and the roads will be re-opened for normal traffic movement.

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Monday 3rd May 2021




Beneficiaries are LFC Foundation, Jamie Carragher’s

23 Foundation, Everton in the Community, Stanley Park Liverpool CIC


Participants signing up from across the world will...

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