BTR Event Waste Strategy

BTR has always taken a proactive approach to waste management and the increasing demands to be 'waste aware' has led to some significant changes to BTR event delivery considerations.

Firstly, BTR accepts and acknowledges the need to minimise the creation of waste in the first instance which in turn reduces the amount of waste to be managed.

Two years ago BTR took the decision to no longer provide single use plastic Goody Bags and over that period approximately 40,000 bags have been taken out of the supply chain. BTR has revised it's Goody Bag policy to simply handing out edible food items at the finish of a race and no longer provides sales based information at events which is usually viewed as junk mail and discarded.

The use of water bottles at water stations is another major producer of single use plastic and in this regard BTR has amended the management of water to provide 330ml bottles at each station. The 330ml bottles are split to carry only half the amount with the other half being placed in a paper cup cup.

This reduces the overall number of bottles used and cuts significantly the amount of water which is simply thrown away at each station.

Full bottles are also provided with the tops left on so they can be carried for longer and hopefully as far as the next water station where they can be discarded or swapped.

By implementing this simple change it means less water is wasted and less bottles used.

All event waste created at a BTR events is collected, sifted and sorted by Gaskell's Waste Management who provide a full waste management report at the end of each year and this confirms the professional disposal and recycling of all event material.

BTR has a continual review policy regarding waste creation, management and disposal and is already looking into potential opportunities for improved fabric use for t shirts and Santa suits (for the Santa Dash event) and ultimately a combination of new products and technology will assist in improving waste outcomes still further.

In the meantime the BTR Road Runners have instigated their own taken on upcycling by creating a charity based series of Medal Muddle events.

All t shirts and medals left over from BTR events are rebranded with the special Medal Muddle logo and used event rewards in a series of 5K fun runs hosted in conjunction with local charities.

Everyone taking part is given one of the left over medals and t shirts and the mystery is... which one will you get? The nominal entry fee is split between the run group and smaller, local charities and over the first four Medal Muddle events just on £2,000 was raised for local causes and around 600 medals and t shirts were used that would normally be discarded or thrown out.

So, BTR will continue to use a mix of ingenuity and common sense when it comes to waste creation and management and hopefully further reduce it's carbon footprint wherever possible.

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Monday 3rd May 2021




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