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Run For The 97 5K

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The Virtual Run For The 97/5K means that wherever you are in the world you can be part of the event and show your support for event by running virtually. That means you can enter and run at a time and at a location of your choosing, although we would always encourage you to run at the same time as the main event in Liverpool.


The benefit of the virtual option means you can run anywhere in the world and still be part of this amazing legacy event.


There are two virtual options.


One is for UK entrants and the other is for overseas entrants.


If you enter the Virtual Run For The 97/5K you will be sent your run number and event medal in advance of the designated day. If you are overseas then you would be best entering early to ensure the timely arrival of your medal and number if you are anticipating running on the scheduled event date.


We now have a Virtual Gallery showing many of the virtual runners from across the world and once you have completed your virtual run you can send yours in and it will be added to the gallery.


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