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BTR Road Runners

The BTR Road Runner group is based in Hoylake and has UKA affiliation.

The club welcomes runners of all abilities and members meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm at the Whitt's End bar on Market Street, Hoylake.

There is generally a 5K group and then another group that will run around an hour or 10K whichever comes first.

Beginners are catered for and are encouraged to attain consist running first and foremost and then move on to manageable targets such as a 5K distance or a set distance within a time.

There is normally a longer weekend run on Sunday of between 8 - 10 miles and most of the BTR/RR members also attend the local Parkrun at Birkenhead Park (when operating)

If you would like to come along and join in then there are usually several groups depending on ability  and experience.

Please contact alan if you would like further information.

(click here) or visit our Facebook group (here)

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