Medal Muddle

Saturday 23rd April / 11.00am

The Medal Muddle 5K is making a welcome return after an enforced break and will be hosted on the promenade at Hoylake.

The course will be from Hoylake toward Moreton and back along the promenade.


The creation of the  Medal Muddle idea was brought about as part of an ongoing review into sustainability and event resource management. One main area of waste has always been medals and t shirts.

After every event there are always medals and t shirts left over. Medals are usually stockpiled and then simply thrown out and t shirts are left in boxes and then given to charity or donated to good causes.


A couple of years back BTR donated around 2,000 t shirts to the Syrian Crisis Emergency Appeal through Toxteth TV and other donations have been made to smaller groups who have made good use of the garments.


In conjunction with the BTR Road Runners the Medal Muddle was created with both medals and t shirts at the heart of the plan. The idea was to host small, local 5K runs and at the end of each event runners were given a Medal Muddle t shirt and medal.


The t shirts and medals were all left over from previous races and re-branded with a suitably mixed up logo so it's pot luck what you get at the end.


The idea is to use what we have left in a meaningful and creative way and at the same generate funds for local charities who struggle under normal circumstances let alone during the pandemic.


Half of the nominal entry fee from each race was (in 2019) donated to a number of smaller charities with the BTR Road Runners raising around £2,500 for good causes - all using waste medals and t shirts.


It's a win win and a demonstration of creativity and sustainability in action.


Charities previously to benefit from your generosity and participation in the Medal Muddle races include -


the Hoylake R.N.L.I, Pawprints Wildlife Rescue, Hoylake Animal Rescue, Charles Thompson Mission Birkenhead. and Shylowen Horse Sanctuary.



What’s the cost?

The Standard Entry fee is £12

IMPORTANT Terms and conditions of entry.

You enter BTR events on the understanding that once the entry is accepted it is not possible to provide refunds, deferrals or entry transfers outside your statutory rights period. Refunds provided within the statutory rights period will be subject to a £5 administrative charge. Changes in personal circumstances prior to the event cannot be taken into account.

This includes injury or any other medical condition arising once your entry is accepted.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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