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Medal Muddle 16th July 2023


RACE START: 16th July 2023 10:00 a.m.​

The Medal Muddle is back at Moreton Shore with a 10.00am start and the course will take in a 5K trail route between Moreton and Meols and back.

The simple concept of the Medal Muddle came about as part of a sustainability review of how BTR manages and delivers running events and where waste can be reduced.

Two of the biggest items of 'waste' are the event t shirts and medals. After every event we always have t shirts and medals left over... and medals will just go to scrap and t shirts be stockpiled until a use can be found for them.
In recent years BTR has donated many 100's of t shirts to charitable causes but inevitably as quickly as they are re-used there are always more coming in.
So Medal Muddle was created to give people an opportunity to run an easy 5K in a number of different locations across Wirral and at the end of the run everyone is awarded a mystery t shirt and medal, both branded with the Medal Muddle logo.
The concept is about fun and the enjoyment of a simple 5K with no pressure and NO TIMING.


There are normally Goody Bag items as well so all in all we are making sure nothing goes to waste.
If you are looking at taking part in one of our Medal Muddle then thank you for supporting not only a BTR event but our efforts to reduce the amount of waste we inevitably produce.
Alan Rothwell
BTR Liverpool


Charities previously to benefit from your generosity and participation in the Medal Muddle races include -


Hoylake R.N.L.I, Pawprints Wildlife Rescue, Hoylake Animal Rescue, Charles Thompson Mission Birkenhead. and Shylowen Horse Sanctuary.



What’s the cost?

The Standard Entry fee is £15

IMPORTANT Terms and conditions of entry.

You enter BTR events on the understanding that once the entry is accepted it is not possible to provide refunds, deferrals or entry transfers outside your statutory rights period. Refunds provided within the statutory rights period will be subject to a £5 administrative charge. Changes in personal circumstances prior to the event cannot be taken into account.

This includes injury or any other medical condition arising once your entry is accepted.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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