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Liverpool Santa Dash


1st DECEMBER 2024

RACE START: 5K START 9.30am / MINI DASH 11.00am (approximately).


The Liverpool Santa Dash is hosted as a fun run and as such does not impose an age restriction. Anyone can enter but the entry fee is the same for all ages (£26).

The adult Santa suit is one size fits all. For younger entrants there are two sizes available age 5 - 8 years and 9 -14 years. Santa suits are not provided for under 5 years of age.



All online entries (before 1st November) will be contacted by post. The event number, event information and Santa suit collection card will be sent to you and you will have between 1st November up to Saturday 30th November to collect your Santa suit from the pop up shop in St. Johns Centre. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to collect your Santa suit and medal wristband from the shop which is open seven days a week during the collection period. PHONE IMAGES OF THE COLLECTION CARD ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. The physical card is required and needs to be handed in in return for the Santa suit. If you are unable to attend to collect in person during the 30 days the shop is open then anyone else can collect on your behalf BUT THEY NEED THE COLLECTION CARD. 



When collecting the Santa suit a wristband will be given to you along with the event Goody Bag content. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep the wristband safe and DO NOT FORGET the wristband on the day of the event. The wristband is to be handed in at the finish line for your finisher's medal. Without the wristband you will not be given a medal. This is clearly stated on the signs at the finish funnels.



What’s the cost?


The standard red suit entry fee is £26 Adult Santa suits are one size only.

The standard blue suit entry fee is £28. Adult Santa suits are one size only.

The standard Mini Dash entry fee is £15. Child Santa suits are available in ages 5 - 8 years and 9 -14 years. Child suits are available in red only.


There is also an additional small fee to pay when entering online.


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IMPORTANT Terms and conditions of entry.

You enter BTR events on the understanding that once the entry is accepted it is not possible to provide refunds, deferrals or entry transfers outside your statutory rights period. Refunds provided within the statutory rights period will be subject to a £5 administrative charge. Changes in personal circumstances prior to the event cannot be taken into account.

This includes injury or any other medical condition arising once your entry is accepted.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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