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Tour Of Merseyside

Your Comments


We’ve had a great response so far to the first Tour of Merseyside. This is what you’ve been saying…


A good opportunity to get some decent miles in competitively and try out different terrains and race venues

- Dan

 I started running last year to raise money and awareness for a condition called Rett Syndrome. I had always wanted to start running but had never got round to taking those first steps. I enter the London marathon ballot year after year but my luck never seems to come in.A close friend’s daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in 2011 and after reading up on what a horrific condition it is, I decided that by running I could show my support both emotionally and financially by raising money.

In August last year I took on the challenge to run 1000 Miles and enter as many events as I could. To start with I couldn’t run 2k without stopping but so far I have completed the Great North Run, Hell Up North, Liverpool Snowdonia & Anglesey Half Marathons and a couple of santa dashes thrown in for fun. I have got the Chester Half Marathon, Mersey Tunnel 10K and Sport in the Port coming up and I’m aiming to finish my 1000 Miles at New Brighton on the last day of the TOM.

I have raised nearly £4500 so far for Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK and really wanted a huge challenge to finish it off with so the TOM was perfect.

I know I haven’t been running for a year yet but have not entered this lightly. I am training hard and know it is going to be very tough but I’m really looking forward to meeting some really experience runners, being part of such an amazing event in its first year and I think this will mentally help me move on to my first marathon.

I loved the Liverpool Half Marathon and think BTR are great so I know it’s going to be fantastic.

Many thanks

- Tracey


I’ve entered this because I love the idea of it, and it’s a massive challenge. I really enjoyed the Wirral Multi terrain series in the autumn, and the cross country over the winter. I’ve done the London marathon, so have built up quite high mileage. I have no idea how it’s going to go, because it is a lot of running, but I think people will support each other.


It will be interesting to see how people tackle it. I won’t be going for PBs, especially in the first event, as I’m aware that there is still about 40 miles to run after that. I don’t expect to do spectacularly well, but i do expect to complete the challenge!

- Rachel Rick


Reason or EnteringI love racing and generally get to do that once or twice a week. The Tour Of Merseyside is a rare opportunity to do that for a week across different courses and meeting different people. And at the end of it…you will know you can race for a week solid (hopefully)

Expectations Be part of a group of friendly and supportive people who have the same aims in common.Run in new places.To be able to improve my speed across multiple distances and terrains.Still have a smile on my face at the end of the last event

- David Marsh


First and foremost it is a big challenge for me as I have never competed in such an event before and am really looking forward to it. I have no doubts I can do it but it remains to be seen what I will look like after the final event!!!!! This is another exciting event in the Run Liverpool (BTR) portfolio and will highlight just what Merseysiders have to offer the running community and their supporters.

I try to enter as many of the Liverpool events as I can and always include the Tunnel 10k, the Half marathon and last year the marathon too (shame the marathon had to be cancelled this year as I know the runners and spectators all had a great time – maybe back next year??).If this new event is as well organised and as professional as the others I am certain all competitors will have a brilliant time.

- Rosemary Rogers


Since I first heard about the Tour Of Merseyside I knew I had to take part – I’m travelling down from Dundee especially for it!

Every summer our neighbouring club – Fife AC – run a ‘Tour of Fife’ (5 races in 5 days) which is great fun in a masochistic kind of way that only runners will appreciate. It’s always the highlight of the year for me. With any tour I guess, the challenges remain the same – hoping you’ll have the stamina to last the week, praying you avoid injury and wishing you don’t slow down too much towards the end.

What I am most looking forward to in the ‘Tour of Merseyside’ is the challenge of running a high weekly mileage (for me anyway) over a variety of terrain. I’m doing the Cologne marathon in October so the Tour of Merseyside constitutes a really tough training week in preparation.

As to what I expect – lots of sunshine, banter and weary legs.

Look forward to seeing everyone on the start line.

- Steve Peters


Thanks for the email, I have entered the tour of Merseyside to improve my weekly mileage on courses that i am not familiar with in my local area. After the disappointment of having The Mersey marathon cancelled i was looking for another local challenge. The tour of Merseyside seemed like a great option as i can fit it around my work commitments. I have never ran in a cross country or multi-terrain race before, i am looking forward to this aspect of the tour.

- Mike


my wife would say it’s my mid-life crisis, but as I’m 50 in August does that mean I’ll be getting a nice telegram off King William to celebrate my 100th in 2063? somehow I doubt it. Anyway my reason is quite simple I decided that my new years resolution would be to enter a half marathon and a 10k every month of 2013 and to do the Liverpool marathon again, sadly the Liverpool is no more for 2013 but I am on track with the halfs and 10ks so far, and then I saw the tour and thought why not it would be something of a challenge, I know it’s not a great story about doing it for someone or a charity just doing it for me, I’m just a happy jogger, hope this helps

- Derek


Why have I entered the Tour ? That’s a question I don’t want to dwell on too long !

I only started running three years ago and have ran the Liverpool Marathon twice and was looking for something different to do. Then along came the Tour and before I knew it I had entered.

As for what I expect from it – I can only say “a good challenge” and hopefully a smile on my face as I cross the final finish line in New Brighton as that’s “my patch”.

I certainly won’t be in the leading pack but will hopefully enjoy the view from near the back.

- Steve Armstrong


I entered the Tour of Merseyside as I was looking for something push myself for a level 10 performance. I come across the race series and thought it would be great challenge as my previous highest miles per week is around 40 miles, whilst marathon training.Whilst I do not consider myself to by a fast/elite runner I’m entering for my own personal challenge.How are the entry numbers looking as my friend is looking to enter but not until the end of the month?

- John


My reason for entering the Tour of Merseyside event is that it appeals as a unique event and very different from anything I have previously entered. The different distances over varying terrains with little recovery time makes it a challenging event which will hopefully improve my overall running. I will be trying to replicate this in my training in the build up to the event.

I am a very average runner but enjoy entering events ranging from marathon distance to 5k and feel that the tour is something that I would regret not entering. I’m looking forward to the event.

- Steve

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